Friday, January 08, 2016

Plea to All Friends of Mike Vanderboegh

Per Mike, the doctors have told him he is not long of this world. As we all know, his financial situation due to years of disability and devotion to the larger issue of self-sacrifice for freedom is terrible.  He is doing what he can to get his affairs in order, but the reality is, his wife will be left in really bad shape.  I would like to help with a funding appeal.

I looked at various "crowdfunding" sites, but there are hoops to jump through and/or  a cut they take. For now at least, in order to get the ball rolling and hopefully growing as it does, I'm asking all of Mike's friends to spread the word and to send gratitude offerings directly to him:
  • Paypal to*
  • Check, money order, cash, etc. to Mike Vanderboegh, PO Box 926, Pinson, AL 35126.**
You'll note I called it a "gratitude offering." That's proper, as this is being directed to those of you who have received value from Mike's work over the years. That gratitude should also extend to Mike's wife Rosey, who has had to make plenty of sacrifices of her own to enable Mike to do so many necessary things you and I have benefited from.

In truth, many people have and owe Mike plenty, and don't even realize it.

There are people who identify as "Three Percenters" who don't know Mike is the originator of the concept, and who have never heard of Sipsey Street Irregulars. You can generally tell, because, by their words and conduct, they reveal absolute unfamiliarity with the Catechism of the Three Percent, and its "ironclad commitment to no first use of force."

Plenty more have heard of "Fast and Furious." Few know the first report came from Mike, and how creatively and hard he worked after that to dig out more exclusive information, and to make certain the story got noticed by politicians and the press.

The entire movement to restore recognition of the right to keep and bear arms -- and more -- owes Mike for his uncompromising leadership, for his refusal to comply, and for the risks he has assumed with acts of public defiance.

Everyone who is a War on Guns regular and a Sipsey Street Irregular owes Mike for being a constant source of information and inspiration. So no, I'm not begging anyone for donations on his behalf -- I'm flat out observing we owe him, and now's the time to show it tangibly.

You need to first be a force multiplier and spread the word about this to everyone within your sphere of influence  -- email, social media, forums, blogs, whatever, and that includes requesting help from bloggers whose sites you frequent.  If you're a member of a group, you need to pressure it to help. And I'm not talking a one-time deal -- I'm going to be posting regular updates asking you to send reminders.

The next thing you need to do will actually cost you something. You need to donate something. Those of you without similar personal or family medical issues who you think you can't afford to, remember the widow's mite

Don't assume someone else will be picking up the slack, so you don't need to do anything.

That's enough for now. I'm going to be regularly following up on this, including with updates. I guess we'll find out who Mike's friends are.

* Paypal form:
UPDATE: I'm told just going to Paypal and picking the friends/family option will keep fees from being taken out. I'm also told that there are donation limits Paypal imposes -- it may just be simpler to send a check.

** A friend suggests "writing 'gift' in the memo line of a check, because that clarifies any person can donate up to $14,000 per year to any other person, without either of them incurring tax obligations."


  1. This is terrific David. Mike is a underfunded national asset and a stalwart in support of our Declaration and Constitution. Mike valuable remaining time should be focused on getting the writing he's begun finished and orderly assembling his papers for posterity. Our financial help will allow him to get physical work around his home completed by volunteers and outside helpers so Rosey will have a home in order when Mike enters his great reward.

    I have hit the contribution tab hard for this. Time is so very short.

  2. I thought when I moved to Alabama I would get to meet the great man himself, now that I'm finally here doesn't look like that will happen. I will send them what I can and a little more.
    Damn I'm so tired of cancer.

  3. Done - my 'subscription' was about due, anyway. I have faith he will beat the c-man, and the hangman, and be with us a while longer.

    Although his shoes will be mighty hard to fill, someone - more than one, and younger than we'uns - needs to step up. Time is short.

    Prayers continue,
    III N TN

  4. Thank you, David. Donation sent and will blog your message. We all owe Mike more than can possibly be paid.

  5. I just utilized the paypal form/link on this post, and it didn't give me the option of putting a memo on the donation...

  6. Sorry, I don't know how that works-- I send checks. He will know who sent it, right? Suggest an email as follow-up?

  7. The donation button on Mike's site does give you the memo line.

    But checks and MOs are probably a great idea. They won't cost Mike and Rosey any fees, nor will they bump up against any limitations of overall amounts received that PayPal puts on its donation buttons.

  8. I am glad you are pursing this, as I was waiting for some direction.
    I will have to send a check, which is not a problem at all.
    But I have to ask what ever happened to the paypal boycott? It was a big deal a couple years ago, but now everybody uses it even though they have never changed their policies regarding firearm transactions.

    Regardless, my well owed and long overdue check will be in the mail tomorrow.

    Thanks for the coordination.

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  9. The gratitude fundraiser for Mike is now posted at The Price of Liberty. Don't have much, but will send what I can.

    And let's not bury the poor guy prematurely! Cancer is a strange thing, and he's survived a lot longer than anyone thought at the start. Let's send him positive energy for healing as well as money.

  10. Do not use the convenient Paypal form above! There will be fees taken out of your donation by Paypal because it is treated as a goods and services purchase, and Mike will not receive the full amount. Please go to your Paypal account directly and send a payment to him under the friends and family option. This way he will receive the full donation you are sending. David, can you revise the paypal form you have in your post to make it a friends and family payment instead? It'll save Mike a ton in fees.


  11. Inconsiderate Bastard1/10/2016 1:37 AM

    Can contributions continue after Mike's departure? To the same addressee, or should they be addressed to Rosey at that address?

  12. Mike is a great man. He spoke at the BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference and it was my pleasure to meet this man in person.
    Glad to help and our prayers are with Mike and his family.

  13. I'm in for a $100 keep up the fight, Mike.

  14. Gift cards from Home Depot buy many tools for the work needed, or any grocery gift card

  15. I met Mike only once but I am glad I did . My three sons and I got a picture with Mike at a gun rights rally . You could see the police snipers glassing the rally and boy does that give you the creeps. Anyway, I stuffed a thank you card with cash and sent it to Mike.

  16. Check in the mail tomorrow.

  17. Sent some money in. Be well, sir.

  18. Sent $100 via paypal and some AR mags. Everyone wanting to send AR mags can just order off of a website and have the shipping address be Mike's home address to save time and money.

  19. Brother Paul1/21/2016 7:42 PM

    I've followed Mike for 3 or 4 years now. I've contributed my meagre payback for his many years of work. I wish him and his wife well and hope that he pulls through.

    Let his everlasting fame be based on his magistarial "No more free Wacos" letter to that defunct tyrant, Holder.

  20. Brother Paul1/21/2016 7:58 PM

    Mike's "No more free Wacos" was a rallying cry for resistance to tyrany. It must have resonated with Holder's Dept., because we all saw the BLM back down from the Bundy Ranch stand-off.

    I firmly believe that that letter was hand-delivered to Holder and made him back down.

    Let us all take on-board Mike's exemplary defiance. They are a paper tiger. We know not our strength. Let Mike's defiance be a source of strength to us all.

    They depend on our aquiessance to continue their tyrany. Once we take on Mike's defiance, they will disolve like morning mist on a summers day.

    Sic Semper Tyranus

  21. I agree, brother paul.

  22. David I am just now seeing this. Distressing news I did not want to hear. I've been sick myself and had to take some time away, so I have been out of the loop until now. My financial state is abysmal. Due to that, I cannot help Mike financially, but I can and will pray for him and his family each day. I hope you can pass this along to Mike. I have to watch the eye strain and the rigors of being a writer. I have the utmost respect for people like you and Mike.

  23. Shared. Sorry for coming across this so late. I just responded to this tweet:


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