Wednesday, August 31, 2016

ATF Nitrocellulose Addendum: Authorized Practices Not Affected (Yet)

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  1. This is a "sooner or later" development, IMO. For various reasons domestic manufacture of nitrocellulose base stock faded away some years' back. At the time there was some level of concern expressed within both the firearms community and the military ( which may have captured domestic sources) regarding the narrowing pipeline. Perhaps the appropriate congressional committee ought to be investigating this abrupt ( and somewhat scientifically radical as there are no recent examples of any potential public risk ) alteration in BATFE regs on the import/transport of "wetted nitrocellulose" exceeding 12.7% nitrogen. IMO, this new BATFE "fiat" seems to target recreational shooters and reloaders far more than any government - identified criminal or terrorist elements.

  2. The Feds figured out the cost of their ammo would go through the roof.

  3. What the eff does ANY bureauCRAP care about the cost of anything, unless it is coming directly out of his or her own pocket book?? That lack of care, is why we have this totally fictitious "national debt" in the trillions of made up fiat paper currency dollars! They don't give a damn if bullets for the military or government agents cost a million dollars each, they will gladly open up the bottomless check books and just start writing! They have no concept at all about bad consequences of their actions, because so few ever have to pay a real price for them. It always happens to the other guy, so they're 100% cool with it.

  4. The BATF is a criminal FRAUD , part of the IRS , Not created by congress. ATF created by Treasury Order Number 120-01 in June 1972 ,by the Secretary of the TREASURY .... WTF . No authority to do that pal. Read and be amazed , REVOKE the ATF.
    BATF - IRS Criminal Fraud.


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