Saturday, May 19, 2018

Despite Media Attempts to Imply Otherwise, Santa Fe Killer’s ‘Nazi Symbols’ Allied Him with Gun-Grabbing Collectivists

That Nazis can be conflated with the “right wing” is because “conservative” is a relative term.  During the War of the Rebellion, Crown-supporting Tories were the “conservatives.” What has happened is over time the Orwellians (“War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength”) hijacked the words “liberal” and “progressive” to mask their direct opposite objective of totalitarianism. [More]
The little maniac is a wholly-owned creature of the left, the ideology that demands citizen disarmament.


  1. I don’t think so. To people like us, who are politics wonks, we think this observation is significant. But looked at from the point of view of a rebellious adolescent, it’s more probable that he simply adorned his jacket with any symbol he thought would piss off middle America. Nazis, commies, demons, gay pride symbols. If someone had given the kid a Confederate flag pin, a Charles Manson button, and a plastic poop emoji, I bet those would have been on there, too.

  2. No one "gave" him the pins, he chose them and assigned specific meanings. By his own words he wore them because they symbolized characteristics for him which do not include mention of your subjective speculation.

  3. I just assumed he festooned his garments with whatever he thought was badass.

    Anyway, when law enforcement is already on the scene, an effective solution is only 30 minutes away, according to WaPo:

    Wearing a trench coat, he allegedly opened fire in an art class, moving through the room shooting at teachers and students, and talking to himself. He approached a supply closet where students were barricaded inside, and he shot through the windows saying “surprise,” said Isabelle Laymance, 15.

    The gunman shot a school police officer who approached him, then talked with other officers, offering to surrender.

    The entire episode lasted a terrifying 30 minutes, according to witnesses and court records.

  4. Wasn’t suggesting anybody “gave” him his current pins, just speculating on whether he would have added those other symbols if offered to him, just because they were “badass,” as someone else said. I’m sure he could have manufactured haughty moral attributes after the fact for them as well.


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