Thursday, May 03, 2018

Of Course You Realize This Means War

Ban assault weapons, buy them back, go after resisters [More]
No. Your move.

So, Rep. Swalwell, you miserable domestic enemy, you bloodthirsty fool...

You seem to think the only costs will be measured in dollars...?  Or that you can make it personal and it won't get personal...?

[Via Jess]


  1. Congressman advocates kidnapping or murdering gun owners

  2. I myself at this time do not own an AR 15 or an AK 47. I do not have the desire or the need for one at this time. However, you can bet dollars to donuts ( I know, I am old) that if the government tries to ban this category of weapon, I will own one before the ink is dry on the proposal. It will be then that I will have the need for one of those type of weapons. As will many millions of the rest of those Americans who support freedom. I dare to say that this proposal won't have any legs, and is just so much more blather.

  3. This oath-breaking traitor wants what all Lefties want -- his opposition disarmed, imprisoned if we refuse, and killed if we resist ("From their cold, dead hands? Sure!").

    Consider yourselves eggs to be broken for them to make their omelet.

  4. This fool illustrates the vast gulf between the fruitcake mentality of the left and the mentally healthy people in this country. His is a pipe dream that could only work in San Francisco or some other liberal cess pool where no one owns an "assault" weapon anyway.


    Check out the backlash. At least 20 to 1 against him on Twitter

  6. Is it just me or does the expression 'buy back' irk anyone else? It seems to me to be based on the assumption that the government 'owned' them to begin with.

    It ticks me off every time I hear it. As do the terms 'weapons of war', 'commonsense' and 'Eric Swalwell'.


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