Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Mueller’s Reported NRA Tax Probe Should Widen Rift with Informed Gun Owners

What’s clear is that the self-proclaimed “Republican” is a creature of what is now being called the “Deep State.” His regard for the Constitution, and particularly for the Second Amendment, seems to be that they are inconveniences to be disregarded or obstacles to be gotten around. [More]
Everyone who thinks his loyalties are to the Constitution, have some more Kool-Aid...


  1. Zero Hedge posted a piece on Commie who has decided us peasants are at bed only permitted proscribed property, the first thing, meaning our arms. This coming from a derelict felon traitor and Marxist agent of the deep state, is hilarious. Where do these mental midgets come up with this total BS.
    So it got me thinking, being the day we celebrate the greatest act of Because Fuck You That's Why in history, I have to write exactly my thoughts on such insanity as these hoplophobes thinking they are going T disarm me and my fellow Men united in total liberty.
    This is what I came up with, ( credit to The Dutchmen and you Larry, from reading your loyal thinking over time on the subject of being an armed Patriot):

    The Truth that I own weapons those in power have determined I am ineligible to own is all the proof I require to know beyond any doubt my ownership of such personal property is proper and a natural right only God can determine with absolute legitimacy, to begin with. And not those who wish to obtain absolute power over me and my fellow Patriots as a fig leaf covering their absolute illegitimacy, by outlawing my right to my property and utmost advantage qualitative and quantitative superior arms provide me in defense from exactly these same tyrants who hope to disarm me and my fellow Men.

  2. ... but the "Blue Wave"(tm) Kool-Aid is running out as supplies dwindle after the manufacturers discontinued production!

    Ma Deuce


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